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The cannon tube was produced by Paul Barnett of SBR in 1987. In 2013 the tube was rebored and a 3" liner was installed. A new vent liner was also inserted.
The carriage is Amish built and made of white oak. The wheels and trucks are 4" laminated for strength, and the side pieces are 3-1/2" solid.

One of four guns from the sailing ship Pride of Baltimore II. Video Cannon Shot

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Here at Stafford Wheel & Carriage we’ve been manufacturing cannon reproductions
to exacting standards for more than 23 years. Our pieces are historically accurate and hand made using designs found in Civil War era documents preserved at the U.S. National Archives. All our work is done under one roof and our pieces are found in museums, private collections, and public venues throughout the United States.

News: Stafford Wheel & Carriage Donates Cannon to Gettysburg Civil War Museum in Gettysburg PA.

Stafford Wheel & Carriage Donates Cannon




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