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Frequently Asked Questions

What Tools Are Used To Build The Carriages?


Below lists all primary tools used.

  1. Brown & Sharpe Universal #3 Milling Machine
  2. Bridgeport Series #2 Milling Machine
  3. Bridgeport J-Head Milling Machine
  4. 20" Clausing Drill Press
  5. 24" Allen Drill Press
  6. 10" Johnson Horizontal Bandsaw (steel only)
  7. 8" Rollin Band Saw
  8. 10" Wide Quarter Cable Belt Sander
  9. 16" LPower Jointer
  10. 20" Lodge & Shipley Swing Lathe
  11. Ridged 535 Bolt Threader
  12. 30 Ton Hydraulic Flat Plate Press
  13. Wheel Assembly Machine (shop made)
  14. Festo Chain Mortensen
  15. 10" Belt Sander (wood only)
  16. 1840's Day Brother Tire Bender
  17. Hub Band Bender (shop made)
  18. 20" Carroll Jamieson lathe
  19. 60 Ton Electric Over Hydraulic Wilson Press
  20. 36" Lancaster Blower & Forge Band Saw (wood only)
  21. Miller 250 Mig Welder
  22. 4' Glueing Press
  23. 24" Greves Klusman Lathe
  24. Bachaci Wood Duplicating Lathe
  25. Cincinnati Tray Top Lathe
  26. 20" American Lathe
  27. 15" Clausing Drill Press
  28. Podis Single End Tennor
  29. 4000 Board Foot Drying Kilm
  30. 20" Table Saw
  31. 48" Sand Blast Cabnet
  32. 60" x 60" Oil Fired Furnace (used for tires)
  33. Oxygen Acetilene Touch
  34. 4000 Pound Alice Chambers Fork Lift
  35. Case 1835 C Skid Loader
  36. 150 Pound Anvil
  37. 5 HP Kellog Compressor (80 Gallon Tank)
  38. 7 1/5 HP Ingersoll Rand Compressor (80 Gallon Tank)
  39. 10" Rockwell Table Saw

What are you hours of operation?


Our working hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Please understand that sometimes we cannot hear the phone because the shop is noisy at times. Simply leave a message and we will get back to you promptly.

Do you cast your own cannons?


No, cannon barrels are available through South Bend Replicas. This company produces the highest quality reproduction tubes available in the industry bar none.

What kind of wood do you use?


We use the highest quality white oak (not red oak) kiln dried in our own kiln. the wood is purchased from a local Pennsylvania saw mill. Kiln drying is used to mitigate shrinkage. Please understand that some checks can be expected in the heaver stock.

Can Stafford Wheel and Carriage restore my cannon?


We provide complete restorations services of original ordnance. Any new parts required are made to look original. All reproduction carriages are built to original specifications and all iron work is made of steel (verses cast iron) for maximum service and durability. The only cast iron used is the nave boxing for the wheels as specified by the original drawings. All parts are hand fabricated in house.

Do you sell implements?


Yes, we do sell implements separately or as a package with your carriage.

When can I have it?


High quality hand fabrication takes time. Call us at (610) 486-0567 for the status of your project.

What kind of paint do you use?


All metal parts are primed with a automotive type epoxy primer and top coated with industrial gloss black enamel.  Wood is primed and painted with an industrial oil based enamel.



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